Laugh Riot

Humor, sarcasm and outright mockery are quite effective ways to deal with dictators: especially those as loathsome and corrupt as the amateurs who currently run our country. Tyrants despise humor, and their sense of humor – if it rises above the level of a 9-year old – mostly involves making fun of other people. So […]


They look at you with dead eyes If they notice you at all Heads down; focused on nothing Brains scrambled, bodies slack; Hearts broken; lacking empathy, sympathy, human compassion: Walk on by They are cyborgs Soulless drones lined up at Starbucks and Cabela’s To spend that money And play that game And buy more crap; […]

What Happens In Vegas…

The Las Vegas massacre appears to be a staged occult ritual of some kind perpetrated upon the American people. The blood rite – the harvest festival(!!) – took place literally in the shadow of the Luxor hotel – a gigantic black Pyramid; a quarter sized replica of the Sphinx, and  an Obelisk… Those are pretty […]

Melanoma Trump’s UN speech. WTF?

Oh, the deeply profound irony of the world’s first former child prostitute First Lady, married to the world’s biggest bully, giving her first speech to the UN…about BULLYING! Even those commie lefty Hollywood elitists couldn’t make this shit up. This is actually the sequel to IDIOCRACY. It’s performance art. Right?

Why I Don’t Have Kids

As a happily childless adult, and after seeing other people everywhere with their cretinous offspring, it’s pretty obvious the human race is doomed. It is a rare gift indeed to see a well behaved child. Look: I know we’re all fallible, especially children, but still…why won’t those parents even try to discipline their kids? We […]

The Summer of Hate

1967 was the year of the ‘Summer of Love.’ It is truly disheartening to see how far we have regressed as a nation since then. The reaction against the hippies still persists to this day. It’s like some kind of mantra for the alt.right. Nearly everything they find disturbing, uncomfortable, ugly, threatening and embarrassing can […]